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Tire Repair Jakarta Indonesia

Tire Repair &  Service Station

We are car service station and tyre fixer, you can get various information just by clicking on every each menu that we have provide.

For tyre fixing, there are lots of information and tyres examples of passengers radial for Sedan,MPV, SUV, Jeep, Low profiled tyres and Run Flat tyres.


   Address of Workshop Station

   Tire Repair of  WHITE LETTER at Sidewall Position

   Tire Repair of RFT that was done wrong in other place, but we fix it

     Tire repair of Tread Position

     Tire repair of Sidewall Position

      Tire repair of Shoulder Position

     Tire repair of Bead Position

     Tire repair of failed tubeless fix kit

     Tire repair that was done wrong in other place

     Tire repair on 2 position damaged in a tire

     Tire repair of cosmetically damaged tire

        Tire repair caused of shock damages

        Tire repair of Many Damages   

      Tire repair of RFTs

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